Loan consolidation: increasingly personalized offers


Offer useful funding by making each profile unique in order to better meet their needs. This is the challenge for establishments specializing in the repurchase of credit (real estate, consumption).

Using data to better target borrowers

Using data to better target borrowers

According to some observers, the use of data can help better target borrower profiles. In fact, it allows you to personalize financing offers.

Namely the use of these data is based on information provided or entered by the borrower at the request or the simulation of funding.

The modulation of the loan, the request for deferral of monthly payments, the use of bank overdraft, etc., certain additional options of the loan contract make it possible to enrich the information entered by the borrower.

The exploitation of large amounts of data thus makes it possible to recognize the universe and the financial behavior of the borrower in its particularity, which favors useful borrowing.

Reorganize your finances with the loan repurchase

Reorganize your finances with the loan repurchase

As some borrowers imagine, the purpose of grouping loans is to bring together several outstandings (real estate, consumption, bank overdraft) into one with reduced and adapted monthly payments.

The direct consequence for the borrower is that the total amount paid every month in repayment of his various outstanding loans decreases considerably, as does the debt ratio. In certain cases, the duration of financing can even be reduced (repurchase of mortgage).

So far, nothing new, but with current financing conditions, loan consolidation has also become an ideal banking operation to readjust income to repayment charges.

Why personalized financing offers?

Why personalized financing offers?

The years and the months saw the appearance of a certain number of offers of credit groupings, more or less mediatized.

The personalization of the financing offers makes it possible to better meet the needs of the borrower and minimize the risk of bad debt and over- indebtedness after the operation of grouping of credits.

In all cases, the on – measure or customizing offers loan consolidation is a way to ensure a perfect match between the ability actual repayment of the borrower and the new burden of repayment.

Typically, if you have any high-interest debt, you should absolutely pay that off first, as soon as you possibly can.

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