Kinkajou Breeder: Know The Animal That You’re Looking For

Are you looking for a kinkajou for sale? Before going ahead and accomplish that, take some time to read more about this kind of exotic animal in this article. Kinkajous, which may also be called honey bears are actually interesting exotic pets to have at home.

A kinkajou for sale is recognized as as one of the most used exotic pets today because of their lovely characteristics. Honey bears are one of the mammals that participate in the carnivore family called the Procyonidae. This carnivore family also includes olingos, kinkajou for sale, cacomistles, coatimundis, and raccoons. The honey bear relates to the genus Potos and is usually mistaken as one of the members of the household of monkeys. Regardless of being called honey bears, they’re also called sun bears kinkajou for sale┬átheir faces look similar compared to that of a bear’s cub. Furthermore, their health have certain similarities with that of otters. Sun bears are highly social exotic animals and may also be known for being sweet by nature. They are nocturnal animals, rendering it very difficult for people to spot during daytime. One of their best physical traits could be their woolly furs, which will be paired with an outer coat that has shade of gold which overlaps a gray coat underneath.

Although they’re not considered endangered, they’re one of the hottest targets of illegal hunters and are believed very valuable in the illegal pet trade business. Its fur is usually marketed by illegal hunters because it’s considered as a pricy material for the production of horse saddles and wallets. Additionally, these exotic animals may also be hunted down for food.

Honey bears have an average height of 25 cm or 10 inches. They generally weight from 3 to 7 pounds or 1 to 3 kg. Their lifespan is certainly one of the most important things you need to know about when you yourself have plans on having one of these animals as a pet at home. Honey bears live from 20 to 25 years in captivity. When it comes to their diet, honey bears usually prey on fruits, nectar, insects, and some small mammals. They are native to Central and South America. They thrive in the tropical forests. They reach sexual maturity at 30 months for ladies and 18 months for males. When females get pregnant, they generally gestate for 112 to 118 days and typically give birth to 1 to 2 babies.

Let’s check out more interesting facts. Although nearly all of sun bears live only from 20 to 25 years, some of them can reach a life of 40 years. They generally thrive in canopies when they’re in the wild and they rarely decrease and touch the ground. They have really long tongues that measure 7 inches long. They use their tongues to attain deeply into tropical flowers to prey on nectar. Since they are nocturnal naturally, sun bears hate being woken up through the day. Additionally, additionally they get irritated by sudden movements and noises.

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