I have tried to put together some, hopefully, useful tips that will help you reduce pain when using and after utilizing an epilator. These are the tips that I use myself and others that I have found in various magazines or while searching the net. That is certainly not a definitive list. When you have any tips of your own or any useful advice you want to give then please feel absolve to leave a remark below. It’s also possible to check our set of best bikini epilators with an exclusive buying guide.

How To Use Epilator Without Pain
1. Do Not Epilate Long Hairs
The most effective tip I can give is you must NOT epilate hair that is too long. PLEASE shave or wax your hair, then wait before the hair has grown to the shortest possible length, that is advised by your epilator manufacturer, before epilating. If you do not follow this advice you will most likely never epilate again.

2. Just Before Start Do Not Use Any Cream
DO NOT use any creams or products right before you start. They will coat your hair and prevent the epilator from grabbing the hairs efficiently. This will result in the hairs being snapped off as opposed to being pulled from the root. The result: fewer hairs being removed and the skin feeling like a grizzly bear.

3. Take A Bath or Shower
TAKING a shower or shower may also help to eliminate any oils on the skin leaving your hair and skin clean and dry ahead of epilating. When you have a moist & dry Epilator then epilating in the bath or while having a shower may help you relax, that is especially good for people who’re a new comer to epilating.

4. Do Not Use Talcum Powder
Do try with a couple talcum powder on the skin ahead of epilating. Some women find this can help the epilator glide over skin more smoothly.

5. Use Hands To Stretch The Skin
TRY using your free hand to stretch skin, this will help the epilator to grab more of the hairs. This may also prevent any folds of loose skin from being nipped. This tip really comes into play if you are doing your under arms where in fact the folds of skin are much looser.

6. Use Pain Killer
Worried about the pain? TRY taking a pain killer one hour or so before you begin. A number of you could like to have a drink or two. Should you choose then make certain you do not have one too many. That you don’t want to epilate somewhere you shouldn’t.

7. Rub Your Skin
TRY rubbing you hands across the region of skin you would like to epilate this could help lift your hair slightly, that’ll ensure it is easier to eliminate the hair.

8. Avoid Force or Pressure
DO NOT apply too much pressure while epilating. The manner of pulling the skin tight with one hand and letting the epilator glide over the skin really does work.

9. Do Not Hurry
Do NOT RUSH. Take your time. Put aside one hour or so when no-one will disturb you.

10. Experiment
Because the manual lets you know to epilate in a certain way does not mean you need to do it that way. Try moving the epilator in different directions. Bring it as slow as you like. Try doing it taking a stand setting up or together with your feet in the air. I leave the positioning up to you, whatever feels right for you.

11. Epilate Early
TRY to epilate a least 24 hours before you would like to flaunt your silky smooth legs. Some women may have problems with a rash or small red spots, so using your epilator the night time before going out might be a wise move.

12. Exfoliate Your Skin
It’s very IMPORTANT to exfoliate the skin when you have used your epilator. This may help to keep the skin in great condition and help prevent any in growing hairs. Always work with a top quality Moisturiser after removing your hair.

13. Clean Your Epilator
DON’T FORGET to completely clean your epilator after each and every use. It will help reduce spots and is particularly important in the event that you have problems with sensitive skin. 

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